As a Salesforce external file storage solution, XfilesPro has been clinical in offering best in class external file storage and collaboration services to multiple Salesforce users from varied industries. In order to make the solution more efficient, we keep on adding new features and enhance the existing ones in each of our new releases. Apart from reducing significant Salesforce file storage costs, XfilesPro is extremely popular among Salesforce admins because of its ease to use and automation capabilities. 

Today, XfilesPro delivers more than just Salesforce external file storage services. It’s highly efficient features have made it one of the must have applications for any Salesforce admin. The current version of the solution has plenty of amazing features which can make life easy for a Salesforce admin. Let’s have a look into the top five XfilesPro capabilities which make it the first choice external file storage solution for Salesforce. 

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A gamut of external storage options

XfilesPro is compatible with most of the external Cloud as well as On-premise storage systems. Currently, the application supports external cloud storage systems such as Amazon S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box etc. and also supports any kind of local/on-premise storage systems such as SFTP, FTP, File System, Shared Drive, SMB Windows Share etc. Recently we customized the solution and added Team Drive as one of the external storage options for one of our customers. 

Easy file migration utilities (Import/Export)

File migration utilities feature allow Salesforce admins to seamlessly import files or attachments from any external system to their Salesforce system and also export any number of files or attachments from their Salesforce system to an external system. One of our customers recently used this feature to link over 6000 files from another CRM with their Salesforce system and then export all the files to Amazon S3. Using this feature Salesforce admins can quickly and securely share and link files to/from their Salesforce system. 

Custom folder hierarchy

This feature allows an admin to manage all the files at the same time and also sort/synchronize all the files in an order s/he wants. Custom Folder Hierarchy links all the objects to their respective folders. Most of the unlinked files get directed to the document folder in the external storage to keep all the files synchronized and managed. This is one of the most favorite features for many of XfilesPro users.

An automated solution

XfilesPro has multiple automation capabilities. With performing simple settings, admins can make external file storage process simple and automated. Few of the notable XfilesPro automated processes are;

  • Email attachments auto export to external storage.
  • Email-to-case attachments auto export to external storage.
  • Auto file migration to external storage after the lead conversion.
  • Auto creation of default files/folders on every newly created record.
  • Single-click automated Amazon S3 configuration.
  • Easy drag-and-drop file upload. 
  • Auto file collaboration without affecting user-experience. 

 And much more.

Highly Compatible

XfilesPro is a highly compatible solution which can be used in Lightning, Classic, & Salesforce1. The solution works with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud & Platform, as well as can be used by a Salesforce customer from any industry and of any size. The solution is also highly customizable to meet specific business needs, supports chatter files, multi-file uploads and allows file upload of any size.


XfilesPro offers plenty of other features and benefits which makes the application extremely popular among Salesforce users. Salesforce admins are using XfilesPro for various use-cases including Salesforce external file storage, Document management & collaboration, Secured file sharing, Import/export of Salesforce files, Compliance management, File management for communities/customer portals, File management for internal portals, and Managing sensitive files on-premise for security. Get in touch with our sales and support team to know more.