If you researched top external storage options for Salesforce for better document management, you should have seen a common name in many findings — Google Drive, the popular cloud-based file storage. And, the name that tops the list as the best integration tool to connect Google Drive with Salesforce is XfilesPro.

If you have ever wondered how Google Drive can better pair with Salesforce with the support of XfilesPro, let us help you here. In this article, we dive into the top factors that make XfilesPro the right application for Salesforce and Google Drive connection. 

Before delving deeper into it, let’s take a look at XfilesPro.

The #1 Document Management App for Salesforce

As your Salesforce files grow in high volumes, XfilesPro makes sure that the files are not threatening the storage space. Being a modern, most trusted, and installed document management app for Salesforce, XfilesPro implements a powerful Salesforce-Google Drive pairing without even the need for an additional connector and starts automating the file archiving process from the CRM.

The file archiving helps to optimize your Salesforce storage space and opens the door to an enhanced, seamless workflow experience inside the app. On top of Google Drive, XfilesPro can also integrate Salesforce with any of your external cloud storage including SharePoint, OneDrive, and AWS S3.

Explore how you can enable a no-code Salesforce-Google Drive integration with XfilesPro in this datasheet:

Now that you learned about XfilesPro, let’s look into the reasons that explain why you need to implement Salesforce-Google Drive integration with the application to store your archived Salesforce files. 

  • More Space Than A Clown Car

By leveraging XfilesPro’s file archiving capability between Salesforce and Google Drive, you shall be granted a prestigious golden ticket to an expansive storage capacity inside the latter. This will ultimately eradicate the need to continuously procure additional Salesforce file storage space from Salesforce, thereby saving precious time and resources.

  •  Keep Your Files in One Place, Unlike Your Socks

Salesforce files are just like a pair of socks. Only that you don’t get a hold of them at the right time. However, with XfilesPro, you can arrange your files in proper folders (a functionality that Salesforce doesn’t offer) in Google Drive in a way that makes sense to your business. So, it’s no longer a big hurdle to access or search files as everything is readily available at the allocated locations.
Folder structure in Salesforce- an advanced functionality provided by XfilesPro to arrange files in specific folders in Google Drive

  • File Syncing to Eliminate Human Efforts

It’s time to stop worrying about the syncing of the files to facilitate operations. With the help of XfilesPro’s Bi-sync functionality, you can sync your Google Drive files with respective records in Salesforce and vice-versa. This removes manual efforts associated with file syncing between platforms so that employees can focus on their strategic goals instead of spending time on syncing files.

  • The Art Of Collaboration

XfilesPro has enabled better collaboration and more efficient file management, allowing both your internal teams and external users to collaborate on files in real time in the Google Drive location. If you wonder how XfilesPro’s Bi-sync functionality again comes into the picture. As files are synced from both platforms, the modifications that happen on a file inside Salesforce will be reflected in Google Drive and vice versa.

Since the bi-directional changes happen instantaneously, this can provide a real-time file collaboration experience, letting internal and external users contribute to files. This is a great step toward ensuring a highly efficient workflow with no waiting period for a modified file from another employee or user.

Salesforce file collaboration with XfilesPro - an Ability to collaborate on files in real-time in Google Drive

  • Document Security Like Never Before
    XfilesPro understands the users’ concerns regarding the security of their documents in the external environment. The application ensures that your migrated files from Salesforce are highly secured in Google Drive with XfilesPro’s Access Control functionality. Access Control provides authorized users with the ability to control who can view, access, edit, and delete the files in Google Drive, helping you preserve the security and confidentiality of your files and the data they contain.
  • Budget-friendly Fix
    Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive leveraging XfilesPro, you are going to save pennies.
    How? You ask?
    Firstly, through the integration and file migration between both platforms, XfilesPro eliminates the need to purchase additional storage space from Salesforce, which is higher in charge. Secondly, as XfilesPro doesn’t require an extra connector (which comes with a price) to establish the integration, you’re again saving money. So, it’s a double win!
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Wrapping Up

Hope you learned why Google Drive is one of the most recommended choices as a repository for migrated Salesforce files. If you’re pondering integrating the cloud storage platform with Salesforce and finding XfilesPro is the right app to get hands-on, schedule a demo with one of our product experts to learn more.