Detective #AwesomeAdmin is on the roll. He is looking for a very important file. But, he really is not able to reach out there. How to find the missing file from the sea of files in this unstructured & bulk file system in Salesforce? 

Captain FiDo comes into the picture. Google Drive is the suggested solution for this problem.

But why Google Drive? What does it do? How does it help solve the problem?

This blog hits the right chord for this solution.

Google Drive is a popular cloud-based solution and the best storage option for Salesforce files to keep your Salesforce files of different types along with email attachments on their server. If you are wondering how to integrate Google Drive with your Salesforce app, Captain FiDo has brought along XfilesPro to automate this process.

9 reasons why Salesforce users are preferring Google Drive over Salesforce file storage

More Space than a Clown Car

By leveraging XfilesPro’s file migration capability between Salesforce and Google Drive, you shall be granted a prestigious golden ticket to an expansive storage capacity. This will ultimately eradicate the need to continuously procure additional Salesforce file storage, thereby saving precious time and resources.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

Keep your files in one place, unlike your socks

Salesforce files are just like a pair of socks. Only that you don’t get a hold of them at the right time. But a well-defined folder structure (custom and template) that comes along with XfilesPro helps Google Drive undoubtedly bolster the safeguard of valuable files, allowing for greater accessibility and ease of use.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

Unidirectional movement? No, thanks

With XfilesPro’s bi-directional sync, there has never been a look back when it comes to syncing files either way. The idea of solely moving files in one direction is now outdated, and utilizing bidirectional file management automation in Salesforce with XfilesPro has become more advantageous.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

The Art of Collaboration

XfilesPro has enabled better collaboration and more efficient file management, allowing multiple users to work on the same files simultaneously while resolving problems related to file viewing and access. Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive using XfilesPro has resulted in a flawless workflow with minimal disruptions.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

Mobility On-the-Go

Accessing your files has never been easier, thanks to Google Drive’s seamless file access based on document permissions. Among the many features that stand out, the versioning of files is the most remarkable. This aspect boosts productivity and collaboration, as mentioned earlier.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

Budget-friendly fix

You don’t want to miss out on this real deal! XfilesPro offers a plethora of additional features to optimize your Salesforce file storage, all at an unbeatable price. Head over to our website for more information. In addition, Google Drive offers a cost-effective solution as a cloud storage network and provides a comprehensive suite of tools, including email, document creation, spreadsheets, and presentation software, which are essential for businesses.

Salesforce Users Prefer Google Drive Integration

Integrating Salesforce with Google Drive  using XfilesPro

In the world of automation, XfilesPro stands out for its exceptional file management capabilities in Salesforce. The setup is fully automated, making it a hassle-free experience. For further details, click here to learn more

If you’re seeking more compelling reasons to make a definitive choice, consider trying out our free demo. Click on the link below to commence your voyage with us.