Lily is the Admin of an HRM department in a large firm. Life is not easy for Lily. With a clear set of duties and operations alongside the overwhelming creation of documents for several needs, work-life balance is out of the question for her. Since the admin of an HRM, document generation for Salesforce is very much integrated with her work profile. There is no escape from this.

On an ordinary Tuesday, Lily returned to work after a week-long vacation. Despite still being in a vacation mindset, she approached her workday with a positive attitude. Greeting her coworkers, she sat down at her desk and opened her laptop, only to find her email flooded with a task: creating documents for the five recently hired employees selected the previous week. The documents needed to include their roles, responsibilities, and the organization’s code of conduct, all to be sent with their offer letters by the end of the day. Additionally, Lily had three scheduled meetings with the organization’s higher-ups to discuss upcoming policy changes, information crucial for creating revised policy documents in the near future.

Lily is now panicking. She cannot have any more excuses and it is better she kickstarts her work right away. It is impossible for her to finish these tasks on time. But otherwise, she will have to face a fair share of consequences. Allysa, an HR executive, notices this and comes up to Lily. 

Lily is worried about the documents to be created as she had to submit them at the end of the day.

Allysa: Hey Lily, I hope you had a spectacular vacation. But why do you look so worried?

Lily: I had a wholesome week Allysa. But with the pending works that have been piled up for today being the deadline, all the stress that I left at Hawai, came back to me in just 5 minutes of time span opening my mail.

Allysa: Is the workload that bad?

Lily: Very bad. I am supposed to prepare at least 8-9 documents alongside 3 meetings where each will last an hour at the bare minimum. 

Allysa: I do not know about the meeting part, but I have the best solution for you to finish up all your document generation by EOD. 

Lily: Don’t tell me that you are going to ask an intern to do it. These are very important documents. 

Allysa: Oh ho Lily. You are not aware of any of the latest market trends, right?  

Lily: What do you mean?

Allysa: I am talking about XflesPro DocuPrime in Salesforce. It is a Salesforce Native document generation and also the biggest hotspot for getting your documents created automatically. 

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Lily: I remember hearing that it was the best for people like us working in Salesforce. Our HR Org would be very much grateful if we could get access to such an app.

Allysa: Then what are you waiting for? Go and get the app right away. 

Lily: It’s not Allysa. Nothing is as perfect as it sounds to be. I had tried several document automation apps before. It comes with its own limitations. I gave up on this try a long time ago. 

Allysa: Alright then. What are your specifications? I bet we can find a solution with everything in XfilesPro DocuPrime that is Salesforce Native Document Generation. 

Lily: My role involves crafting diverse documents for various departments, each requiring its unique template. It’s essential to adhere to this basic standard of differentiation. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that many other applications offer a limited selection of only 5 to 8 templates at most, which can be quite limiting and frustrating.

Allysa: Is that your worry? XfilesPro DocuPrime has many templates. And even if that is not enough, you can customize your own templates and make a new one. Also, there is an option for template import that can help you with your documents. 

Lily: That is cool. Another problem I encounter is that sometimes I need my document to be in PDF, PPT, or word doc. Also, I need these documents by EOD. There are at least 8 documents for me at the beginning of the day. I have no idea how much will turn out to be by EOD. How to tackle these problems?

Allysa: XflesPro DocuPrime’s multiple document type supports all popular formats. You do not need to worry about this. And XfilesPro DocuPrime works at a fast-paced speed and all your documents will be generated with just one click. I think that will give you enough time to document maybe another 15 documents by EOD. 

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Lily: That is fantastic. After creating a document, always getting it attested by superiors is very important. That is another concern. 

Allysa: XfilesPro DocuPrime facilitates e-signature attachments with customization of font styles to suit your preferences. Additionally, it offers features such as bulk document generation, designing personalized business flows, creating templates with diverse font styles, incorporating images and logos, determining section visibility, and defining section sequences, among other functionalities.

XfilesPro DocuPrime guarantees meticulous capture of all essential details by carefully extracting the required documents from Salesforce objects. It holds the top position as the leading Salesforce Native Document Generation application on AppExchange, and for good reason.

There is no chance XfilesPro DocuPrime will miss any details because all the necessary documents from the needed salesforce object will be carefully taken. It is the #1 Salesforce Native Document Generation application you find on AppExchange for a reason. 

Lily: XfilesPro DocuPrime in Salesforce is a real-lifesaver Allysa. I am going to get the app and better head to complete my work. Thanks, Allysa.

Allysa: Just a Thanks? You owe me one girl. 

Lily: Yes My Lady. Your wish is my command. Let’s catch up after work.

Lily finished her tasks an hour ahead of schedule and decided to celebrate with her coworker Allysa, all thanks to the efficiency of XfilesPro document generation. Just envision the potential challenges Lily could have faced if she had to create the documents manually. Moreover, using XfilesPro DocuPrime in Salesforce not only saved her from the tedious task of extensive proofreading and editing but also provided an all-in-one solution for various document creation challenges. 

With the help of document automation in Salesforce, Lily was able to complete all her tasks way before time.

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