You’re leaving money on the table if not using automation for drafting your business proposals

Your CRM is set. Salesforce has all the data that you need for your prospecting. With the most favorite data scientist, i.e. Sales Cloud, your customer info is all in place. It gives you rich customer insights and intelligent alerts about your best leads. Everything is going well.  

We all know that if not available on Sales Cloud, then that information doesn’t exist. With a live scoreboard in your Sales Cloud, you can see how well your sales team is doing. You can easily plan your sales forecast with your pipeline inspection tool in Sales Cloud. This is a big revelation as you can see which leads of yours are genuinely interested in your product.

When you are in need of a business proposal, it means that your product is doing good and you have solutions for the specific needs of your buyer. But who is in need of your business proposal? With the Opportunity Kanban in Salesforce, you can view all your opportunities and have your proposals written and sent directly to them. This is how you set up your success from day 1.

A business proposal is one of the most used documents in marketing to drive the sales process. Business proposals are the latent talent that will ensure your prospects are persuaded to avail of your product/services. Business proposals usually come in handy for B2B businesses most of the time. So this article will help you to make them more compelling through automation.



Automate your business proposals with auto document generation in Salesforce.

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Sales Cloud and Automatic Document Generation: The Power Couple of Salesforce

With the process of automation and the power of Sales Cloud, you can help yourself with an accurate, creative, brand consistent good-to-go business proposal of any kind as per your requirement. Below are some of the processes that are tested and proven to be effective for many prospering businesses. We have carefully articulated them just for you. Read on!

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  • Automate proposal data retrieval of the right lead

The best thing to manage your leads is to have all the right information about them. And your Sales Cloud is the centralized information repository for the same. End-to-end process automation is the major idea behind automated document generation. That will include even the help of retrieving your Salesforce data from multiple Salesforce objects. Imagine going through the chaos if you are to pull in the data manually. It would be time-consuming and that hot lead of yours would vanish into thin air. Now that you think of it in this era, it feels like a lifetime ago.

XfilesPro DocuPrime pulls out the data accurately like a pro and has you sorted with the rest of the process. With the #1 smart platform Sales Cloud, your leads will be ranked with a healthier pipeline that will lead to better proposal creation. A hassle-free experience will help you place the right data in the right place leaving no room for human error and the added advantage is that you can finish it in a jiffy. The right information about the right lead and there is no way you won’t close the deal.

  • Cut down your time

With a proper sales path set with Sales Cloud, your sales reps are very clear about their duties. Automate your sales proposal for that high-ranking lead with automatic document generation for Salesforce with the information given by Sales Path. All the difficulties with drafting one document and pulling in the data, placing them in the right place, proofreading the whole document, checking the tone of the proposal, and many more can be eliminated easily.

XfilesPro Docuprime is your silver lining if you are looking for a native Salesforce native application for document generation to eat away the time and rush in the process. With just one click, your business proposal is all ready and set to send. This method will shorten your sales cycle and you can put in more of the time to some better yielding works. Also with emails automatically connected to Salesforce or you can connect your customers through Salesforce Inbox, you can create your sales proposal within Salesforce and send it with a click. 

  • Provide a consistent brand experience

One thing to note is that customer experience drives shift for brands. How do you get to imprint the best impression into your prospect’s mind? If you ask us, we would say uniformity. That is how we have seen the leading brands rule in sales and marketing. A brand experience is your identity and every element is of utmost importance. With each point of contact going out to your customers, don’t you want them to perceive you as a brand? 

With XfilesPro DocuPrime facilitating the process of automation, your brand image is going to be intact and there will be no loose ends. The missing gaps in your branding are going to be sorted and you will thrive hereon in the name of your brand among your customers. 

If you are looking for a detailed understanding of the applications of automatic document creation in Salesforce, then this datasheet is going to help you.
  • Send & sign with ease

Never underestimate the power of a business proposal. As per your customer response, you tailor a proposal entirely that fits the requirements of the customer. At the end of it, there is also going to be a budget section which is to be approved and signed by the higher power of your product/service. 

With automated document generation, XfilesPro DocuPrime also provides a special feature called e-sign that supports popular e-signs. By exploiting the power of e-sign, your business proposals can be easily approved and signed by your C-suite or the concerned officials before passing it on to the specific customer. 

With Sales Cloud, document automation is even easier in Salesforce now.

Win More Deals With Faster Proposals

Enough said. There are no more compelling reasons to switch to automated document generation for making your business proposal the best. By embracing the power of your Sales cloud in Salesforce, you can pay your way up by targeting the right leads and critically bringing up your brand visibility with each deal you close. Be it for any customer, or any industry, XfilesPro DocuPrime has templates ready to use as per your business requirements. Better efficiency as a result of zero error, enhanced productivity which is a result of saved time, custom note addition, multiple document type support, and many more are what XfilesPro DocuPrime promises. 

Why not schedule a free and personalized demo by clicking here so that you can have an enriched understanding from our product experts? Hope you are looking forward to automating your document generation processes.

Automating your Sales Proposals = Lot of Revenue

Automate Your Complete Document Generation Process in Salesforce

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