Maintaining the continuum, AIKYAM 2024 is coming soon to ‘x’pose the Ne(X)t Wave, Envisioning the Future of Tech with a T3 patch! Going forward with Tech, Trends, and Transcends (T3),  this year we have some ‘x’traordinary goals in the moving! New product releases, back-to-session, discussions, and innovative accelerations with our all-new AI in the pipeline.  […]

AIKYAM 2023, an extraordinary event, surpassed all expectations with its remarkable innovations and unforgettable moments. The two-day extravaganza was an immense triumph, featuring enlightening discussions, awe-inspiring demo competitions, and engaging Q&A sessions that made day 1 truly special. On day 2, we joyfully invited our employees’ families, creating a fun-filled atmosphere brimming with excitement and […]