It was a year-long wait that ended in a flash and on a high note. AIKYAM 2024 turned out to be a mega tech event in CEPTES’ history that introduced the revolutionary concept of Ne(X)t Wave, Envisioning the Future of Tech

It was a day that showed us the next level of innovation and the future as we advance further with the power of X. 

You read it right, X!

AIKYAM 2024 was the big platform that unveiled X-nucleus, the comprehensive and single entity for advanced data and document management. We will uncover more about it as you move ahead with the article. 

Now, let’s get back to the AIKYAM chronicle. 

Here are some of the major highlights from the full-day event that paved the way for our next big step.

People at CEPTES interactive during AIKYAM 2024, the annual tech summit

Like every year, the epic tech event of CEPTES has commenced with a gobsmacking keynote by our CEO and Co-founder Harish Kumar. 

1. “Building Connections and Innovation”

Harish seemed to be more thrilled as it was the third AIKYAM in CEPTES’ history. He shared the vision of AIKYAM, which stands for unity, and how it has evolved from an annual tech summit to a flagship conference that powers innovation of our products and sets them up for the future — all while gathering CEPTESIANS.

Harish Kumar delivers a keynote during AIKYAM 2024 regarding the future of tech

Harish also shared the immense possibilities unleashed by powerful human connections and his outlook on the future of tech. Being a true leader, he always motivates people to break their boundaries and innovate further to expand to new horizons. This AIKYAM was no different and he gave us goosebumps by showing us the future!

2. Unlocking the Potential of the X-nucleus

Now is the time to unveil the X-nucleus. 

For us, it’s the next big thing and the future!

As our Research and Development team announced, X-nucleus will be the one big entity and a fully-fledged innovative platform to manage your data or documents that reside in any platform no matter if it is Salesforce, SharePoint, Azure, Microsoft Teams, SAP, OneDrive, Google Drive, or your local storage. 

With X-nucleus, we build and deploy our own infrastructure to manage your data and files by leveraging many of its advanced functionalities. Within X-nucleus, we have two suites X-docs and X-data in which the former is for document management, and the latter for data management. 

The R&D team at CEPTES talks about X-docs and X-data during AIKYAM 2024

Talking about each, X-docs will unleash many innovative capabilities including eSign, CLM, collaboration, mailbox creation, etc to supercharge your document management processes. X-data on the other hand, is driven by AI and will unleash functionalities including analytics, archiving, forecasting, backup, alert, etc. to securely process your critical information.  

That means X-nucleus, powered by X-docs and X-data, will be the one-stop platform for any cloud user required to deal with their documents and data in the next-gen way. 

3. Unveiling XfilesPro’s Bold New Look 

At AIKYAM 2024, another remarkable moment was when XfilesPro’s new logo launched. After thorough research, innovation, and preparations for a long time, our Marketing team has redesigned the look of our superior document management app for Salesforce. During the event, the XfilesPro logo has taken a significant transition from blue to powerful red with each element of it telling a story of innovation, experience, and the journey ahead.

The brand new logo of XfilesPro which was launched during AIKYAM 2024

Shining in the glory of red, we envisioned the brighter future of our exceptional document management app for Salesforce with a new look and feel. 

4. Preparing for Tomorrow: Our Teams’ Vision for the Ne(X)t Wave

It was amazing to witness how each team was preparing themselves for the Ne(X)t wave of innovation. Starting with Human Resources, there were four sessions by different departments including Research and Development, Sales, and Marketing that threw light on the future. Each team has showcased how they were planning to embrace the power of AI and future-proof technology to level up and streamline their operations, which will empower them to cater to customers quickly with more efficiency. 

Different teams at CEPTES share their vision for the future during AIKYAM 2024

5. Networking, Collaboration, and Innovation 

Finally, the AIKYAM tech summit has buttoned up with the much-awaited award ceremony, where CEPTESIANS who performed exceptionally well in their role were recognized by their respective leaders. 

CEPTESIANS receive award for performance excellence during AIKYAM 2024

However, the AIKYAM experience never ends there!

Post-event, we all gathered to extend our connections, share insights, and learn from each other — all while having enormous fun. 

The day-long event also gifted us the opportunity to network with more CEPTESIANS and envision the future of tech together!

People at CEPTES network post AIKYAM and learn from each other

People at CEPTES have fun during post-AIKYAM party

Now was the time to say goodbye!

With the amazing memories collected, we bid adieu to the much-awaited AIKYAM 2024, the soul happening of CEPTES. 

If you wish to learn more about X-nucleus and XfilesPro, or how these platforms can transform your document management game, connect with us.