Document generation is a principal factor for businesses of all stripes. It is tough luck if you create your documents manually even in this technologically driven era. Within this sphere of process optimization, do not shy away from automated document generation, the innovative backer in the field of document creation. With the lion’s share of […]

We’re modern humans who don’t prefer spending time on manual work and expect fast-paced automation in everything.  If you use Salesforce and create documents externally using data from the CRM application, this situation might resonate with you. From collecting data from specific records and bringing it out of the Salesforce system to creating the documents […]

When working in an organization, the need to manually draft your documents in Salesforce is of paramount importance. But in this fast-paced world, is your time worth it? No! The only remedy for this problem is generating your documents automatically. And XfilesPro DOcuPrime is always there to help you. If you are thinking about how […]