XfilesPro is an application that has been in the industry for a short while and has achieved awe-inspiring success. It is at the pinnacle of file management and external storage optimization in Salesforce for a reason. When Salesforce file storage hits the zenith, the only option left to you is to buy some into the bargain Salesforce storage or maybe delete or move some files to external storage. The very thought of it is very exhausting. When you are a part of a swamped work schedule, this will really not be an ideal solution in this realistic situation. That is where XfilesPro fits into the equation. 

XfilesPro helps with maximizing your Salesforce ROI by assisting you to optimize your file storage by integrating it with the external storage system of your choice. There are also several other options such as auto file export, folder management, file collaboration, community user support, template creation, and many more. So, hands down this is the best product if you are on the lookout for one that is deployed to carry out your internal file management in addition to several features. 

With its new version revamp, XfilesPro has added some new innovations. The most eminent one is document generation. The chances of getting your document automation and file management all in one provider are as rare as a good luck four-leaf clover.  So, it’s a cinch. There is nothing to think about. This deal is something you will not regret. To have a finer and more extensive knowledge of the topic, schedule a call now with our product experts. 

This magnificent product has now come up with a product mascot FiDo to assist you in your ocean of file management. We are delighted and content and looking for more prosperous success in the coming years. 

Dolphins (FiDo)

The first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word dolphins is that they are cute and friendly and each time you see them do an acrobatic spin, your heart goes wow. Have you ever wondered how come they do these tricks and play games perfectly when told to? It is because they are also one of the smartest species of animals apart from humans. Though they are not as sharp as a tack like humans, they are definitely a quick study when compared to other animals. 

It is said that they have analogous personalities to humans. There are stories in the past wherein they have helped sailors to reach their destination or back them up if they miss their direction in the sea or ocean. They are the most social animals one can ever come across. They are also curious and can also understand some social cues and respond accordingly. 

On that account, we have chosen a dolphin as our product mascot. Hence we are here to proudly present you to FiDo ( Fi -> File management & Do -> Document Generation). 

XfilesPro x FiDo

We are bringing the ‘Ocean Theme’ for product branding as we believe data is an ocean & innovation is limitless. Captain FiDo (File+Document) will be one of our prime ocean characters & product mascots. Why a dolphin? Because he is intelligent, he excels in delivering results to the highest standards, is a savior & is an empathetic leader. That’s exactly what XfilesPro is! 

Yes! That is what our team believes. We will tell you why! XfilesPro is one of the smartest applications one can find on AppExchange for file management and dolphins take the prize home when it comes to being the smartest among the animals. We can’t ignore the fact of how user-friendly XfilesPro is just like the dolphin being the most social animal present. The peculiar personality of being curious and an empathetic leader is something XfilesPro and dolphins have in common. 

What better correlation than an XfilesPro with a dolphin? Hence we chose FiDo to lead us throughout our XfilesPro journey from here on. So in your ocean of files, our captain FiDo is here to help you manage and also make them more efficient along with document generation. 

With all this new ingenuity and innovation, XfilesPro is pumped up to a new version with a lot of possibilities and new exciting features. If not now, then when would you go for XfilesPro? The product is getting better and better each day and we are looking forward to adding you to our family. If you are interested in having your files managed efficiently, talk to our experts and let’s break the bubble of file inefficiency and welcome coherence.