Is there any instance where you delayed sending the quote to a lead and lost an opportunity?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ it’s high time you need to adopt document automation for your sales process. Fortunately, technology has evolved from the monotonous old-school ‘copy and paste’ process with the emergence of document generation tools for Salesforce that accomplish sales goals more efficiently. 

So, it’s your call whether you need to surprise your sales team with a powerful Salesforce document generation tool. 

How Do You Know If Your Sales Team Needs a Salesforce Document Generator? 

If you’re a little confused about whether your sales reps truly require a document generation tool, always remember that the mantra of a successful sales team is A-B-C — ‘Always Be Closing,’ not document building. A survey conducted by IACCM Benchmark reports that companies that use document automation software have a 24% faster selling cycle. 

This means your sales success is directly proportional to the efficiency of your document automation tool and indirectly proportional to the time you spend manually building documents.

What you need to do in this situation is to get your sales team back to their core selling job from spending long hours creating sales documents. Embracing a Salesforce document builder is the only rescue here! 

Types of Sales Documents You Should Automate in Salesforce 

Well, you can leverage a Salesforce document generation tool to populate new documents that your sales team requires to send to customers/leads/prospects on a daily basis. 

This includes a wide range of documents such as;

  • Sales Decks to showcase your products/services to potential customers 
  • Case Studies that tell the story of your customers — how they leveraged your product/service to scale success
  • Personalized NDAs and other contracts 
  • Quotes/proposals that need to be built and sent quickly
  • Contracts with e-signature to streamline deal closing 
  • Invoices/receipts that your customer needs to receive at the end of the closing process

Sales agents connecting with customers On that note on the different documents that can be automatically created using a Salesforce document generation tool, we will look into the correlation between document generation and deal closures. We will see how implementing a Salesforce document generator can help your sales team win big and more deals faster. 

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#1. One-click Document Generation Process 

For a sales rep, nothing can beat the excitement of learning from a prospect that he/she’s ready to buy your product/service. As soon as the discussion is finished, the next immediate step you’re supposed to do is manually build a proposal for them, right?

From adding the name and product details to double-checking every information including the quoted price, it makes a long process. Having a Salesforce document generation tool, you can generate new documents with a deal, price, and the details of the product by automatically obtaining data from different Salesforce objects with the click of a button. 

#2. Minimized Human Errors 

When the document creation demands repetitive tasks such as building multiple personalized contracts, your documents will be prone to errors. Keep in mind that an inaccurate data entry can lead to delays in closure, lost revenue, or even legal complications. 

An automatic Salesforce document generation tool can avoid such costly mistakes by accurately and automatically pulling data, which reduces instances where information may be incorrectly copied or typed. For example, a Salesforce document generator helps you get rid of the risk of entering wrong details on invoices by automatically obtaining data from a sales order, which demands zero human involvement. This ensures absolute precision of details! 

#3. Customer Satisfaction through Quick Turnarounds 

In sales, every second matters! Unlike any other department, the time has to do a great deal with the success of your sales team as customers expect an immediate response to their inquiries. So, how fast you close deals can make all the difference!

Sales reps achieving higher customer satisfaction through quick service By automating sales documents using a Salesforce document generation tool, you can build proposals or contracts quickly, promising a high-quality customer experience and reducing customer wait times. This streamlined process cuts down the time between the initial contact with a prospect and closing a business deal with him/her. 

#4. Making Stellar Sales Professionals 

When it comes to sales, operations such as prospecting, networking, lead generation, and customer engagement are of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, these core jobs mostly get minimum attention due to the abundance of manual document creation tasks such as data gathering, copying, and pasting. 

With automated document generation in Salesforce, sales reps can build personalized proposals/quotations in a minute and get back to the lead/customer immediately. This personal touch will blow them away and provide more bandwidth to your sales team, empowering them to actively engage customers and address their needs. 

#5. Consistency in Branding 

Preserving consistency in brand elements across documents is an essential part of building brand identity, recognition, and trust. Document automation in Salesforce ensures that whether it’s a sales deck, contract, or SOW, every document adheres to your brand’s guidelines. This includes the accurate placement of logos, and choosing colors and font styles, which not only streamlines the sales process but also make your marketers’ lives much easier. 

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Bottom Line

Now that you learned how a Salesforce document generation tool can contribute to converting customers faster, it’s time to button up the article. If you’re wondering which document automation tool is appropriate for your business, we suggest XfilesPro DocuPrime, the most cost-effective and recommended Salesforce document generation application in the AppExchange. XfilesPro DocuPrime: Top document automation tool for Salesforce Powered by automation, XfilesPro DocuPrime automates your sales team’s end-to-end document generation process — from data gathering to eSign on the final draft, all with one click. The good part is that the entire process is carried out 100% within the Salesforce platform so that your document never moves out of the application, ensuring compliance adherence and strong security. 

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