In business, we come across several critical and sensitive documents that are being created for several verticals. With the lawsuits and protocols getting tighter each day, documentation has now become more of an obligation. Hence business users have a busy time creating documents for each operation undertaken in the verticals. Hence to power up your Salesforce experience in your business, document generation plays a major role in streamlining the process. When it comes to having your sales decks, business proposals, sales pitches and several other documents to be automated, that is when you realize the use of automated document generation.

To create highly manual content for your business that is using Salesforce as its CRM, with each business operation being highly data-driven, it is sometimes very much necessary to have a no-code document generation application to perform the data retrieval process from several Salesforce objects. Manual document creation just increases the time to value alongside presenting several other concerns such as wasted time, data silos, human errors, non-compliance, and so on. 

If you are looking for a detailed understanding of automatic document creation in Salesforce, then this datasheet is going to help you. 

Slow performance of the Salesforce app

By creating several documents manually, the chance of getting things muddled is a common thing. If you look closely at your Salesforce org, you will understand how the data is scattered in several Salesforce objects. Getting your data from each object and then putting it into your required templates is going to be an error-prone and time-consuming job. For starters that itself is one of the most detested challenges. Apart from that, there are several other challenges that are associated with manual document generation as below:

The cumulation of important information

There will be times when you are juggling multiple documents to create. Given this time-squandering process, each document will have a different set of requirements to convey different messages. In any case, the facts and figures to be represented will be presented in different fields of Salesforce records. Hence there are high chances you miss out on relevant data. As mentioned earlier, data scattered over several Salesforce objects is the major issue for this concern.

Pro tip: XfilesPro DocuPrime, the most preferred auto document generation application for Salesforce facilitates collecting data from different fields and appropriately includes it in the document as per the requirements. It not only fetches the data but also populates them into your desired document template like a breeze. Say goodbye to Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V as you can stay in your system of record of your Salesforce and continue with your document automation.  

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The never-ending proofreading and editing

With manual document creation, it is very difficult to convince oneself of a perfect write-up. Each time, proofreading and editing will help you unmask a new error and correct it. With several editing and proofreading, the document might sometimes fail to deliver the message it was intended to. How sad would that be? That Salesforce admin would have literally spent several hours working on the document which should have been passed on to the lead. And the number of times you proofread goes on and on. Maybe that dollar sign was missing from your invoice or the date had gone wrong. Even a small glitch can land you into a parallel universe of losing leads in the snap of a finger.

Pro tip: For the pain of multiple proofreading and editing, XfilesPro DocuPrime is the best option for Salesforce users to have their documents generated automatically. Accuracy is the top-notch USP of this automatic document generator and hence once they are generated automatically, they are error-free, with zero human intervention needed.


Business documents are all about sensitive information and confidential data. With the manual creation of data, you never know how many people have established access to it. You will need help tracking the number of users who have the data too. Hence this is one of the most significant drawbacks of manual documentation. And your business data contains confidential data that will be regarding prices, financial figures, sales results, etc This should not be accessed or fall into the wrong hands. This is where security is going to be a big challenge while you are manually drafting your documents.

Pro Tip: Business documents are considered confidential for a reason. Hence the security of these is very important. XfilesPro DocuPrime always gives the owner the full authority to decide on the visibility and the sequence of the sections & also has an access control feature to limit document access. And also since the documents are created within the Salesforce CRM, there is no fear of any external threats.

Time-consuming process

Document creation is a process that needs to be done by taking into consideration all the necessary details. Hence it will take a lot of time to finish each document if chosen to be created manually. Also filling up the right data at the assigned place is going from the Salesforce objects is going to be another challenge. If demanded to create several documents in one go, then it is going to be a liability rather than a challenge.

Pro Tip: Document automation is the only solution for this trouble. XfilesPro DocuPrime is helping several workforces by enhancing their productivity. With XfilesPro DocuPrime taking over the task of document generation, bulk document generation can take place in a single click. 

Embrace automatic document generation for your Salesforce documents to end procrastination

Compromised Accuracy

When documents are created on a manual basis, there will be mistakes that cannot be avoided. This is a human tendency. Multiple edits will have to be undertaken if going through the traditional document generation. If they are not created with utmost concentration, there is a high chance it will lead to severe escalations. This is the last thing you want to hear when you are drafting a document.

Pro Tip: Applications stand a chance against mankind because of their steadfast accuracy. When you have a perfect alternative through XfilesPro DocuPrime to have your document authenticated automatically within Salesforce, you are worrying for no reason.

Get all your Salesforce document generation problems fixed with XfilesPro DocuPrime

Technology is an application of knowledge that is getting integrated into every facet of life. It is hard to find any component in this world that technology has not touched. When a coffee maker can make coffee at your office, why not switch your manual document generation method too? Automating the document generation process only improves your delivery in all ways with zero disadvantages. Hence try out our XfilesPro DocuPrime for Salesforce to save you the trouble of drafting a document manually. XfilesPro DocuPrime is a 100% naive auto document generator where you can generate a variety of documents within the Salesforce platform just with a single click. Other features are that it supports e-sign, gives you complete ownership of your document, provides customization, comes with a reasonable cost, and many more.

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