You’re leaving money on the table if not using automation for drafting your business proposals Your CRM is set. Salesforce has all the data that you need for your prospecting. With the most favorite data scientist, i.e. Sales Cloud, your customer info is all in place. It gives you rich customer insights and intelligent alerts […]

The other day you just launched your new product.  And now you need it to reach a wider target audience. How would you do it? But what is the best place to find customer information that is right and accurate? Where can you find the kind of data that gives you the right analytics, intelligence, […]

If you are looking for the perfect and productive boosting application for getting your Salesforce documents drafted, then you will have to read through this whole blog for your flawless fix because typing out the same document over and over is just cruel and unusual punishment! Salesforce is the #1 CRM in the world that […]

Lily is the Admin of an HRM department in a large firm. Life is not easy for Lily. With a clear set of duties and operations alongside the overwhelming creation of documents for several needs, work-life balance is out of the question for her. Since the admin of an HRM, document generation for Salesforce is […]

Hey, Salesforce workforce, picture this: With that much stress on your shoulder, you are sleighing of hand multiple balls to finish all tasks on the dot. Suddenly, there comes an important communication from your team lead, asking you to create seven quotes and four proposals before the end of the day. How bad can your […]

In business, we come across several critical and sensitive documents that are being created for several verticals. With the lawsuits and protocols getting tighter each day, documentation has now become more of an obligation. Hence business users have a busy time creating documents for each operation undertaken in the verticals. Hence to power up your […]

We did it for you! We hosted yet another webinar session that gave us a feather in the cap! It takes us immense pleasure to let you know that XfilesPro’s latest webinar held on 6th July 2022 on ‘One-Click Document Generation in Salesforce & Auto-Storage in an External Sysytem’ became an outstanding turnout. We hosted […]

It’s yet another cheery morning at work. You are full of beans to kick start the day by ticking off the tasks assigned to you. Your system is powering up. You are scrolling through emails, checking the calendar, responding to messages… Now arrives the high-important email from the manager saying that your organization has decided […]