Yes! Another wonderfully portrayed webinar has been checked out from our success calendar. The crowd was amazing and the virtual meeting was filled with information and uplifting the knowledge base on auto document generation in Salesforce. By any chance, if you missed our webinar, which was held on 29th June, this blog is going to […]

The huge amount of time taken on manually drafting a document in your everyday work life is not news. Maybe you have squeezed it into your daily routine and you might think it is good to go. But what if we tell you that you can create, approve and e-sign your documents within Salesforce through […]

Wohoo… We couldn’t get enough of the overwhelming response you have shown to our live webinar. We’re glad to learn that our session turned out to be a great help to enhance your file management experience in Salesforce.  If you couldn’t attend the live webinar on 15th June 2023 and now FOMO gets the best […]

If you have been using Salesforce for a while, you must have faced the inconvenience that the growing volume of files created in your org. The overloaded file storage space must have brought you nothing less than a horrific file management experience in Salesforce.  Have you thought about overcoming this hurdle? Or have you already […]

We did it for you! We hosted yet another webinar session that gave us a feather in the cap! It takes us immense pleasure to let you know that XfilesPro’s latest webinar held on 6th July 2022 on ‘One-Click Document Generation in Salesforce & Auto-Storage in an External Sysytem’ became an outstanding turnout. We hosted […]

It’s yet another cheery morning at work. You are full of beans to kick start the day by ticking off the tasks assigned to you. Your system is powering up. You are scrolling through emails, checking the calendar, responding to messages… Now arrives the high-important email from the manager saying that your organization has decided […]

The first of many webinars planned this year is finally done & dusted. As always, it was a phenomenal turnout as many attendees joined the live session. So, before going any further, we would like to thank each and everyone who joined us for the live webinar session. But not everyone was free with their […]

Managing critical business operations leveraging digital platforms is one of the mainstream digital transformation strategies and for many good reasons. As the creation and sharing of documents while using multiple digital platforms are so widespread today, it completely makes sense that enterprises are putting a lot of focus on managing all their documents efficiently in […]

Our much-awaited webinar session finally happened last week and without further ado we thank everyone for such a phenomenal response. A big thank you to everyone who made the session a great success. But even the people who missed attending the live session can reap the rewards as we bring this article which will quickly […]

As promised, we are back with yet another insightful webinar episode for our cherished Salesforce customers. And this time it’s going to be better than before: more interesting subject matter, distinguished speakers, and a galore of thought-provoking learning. So let’s not delay this further and introduce everyone to this session’s topic ‘File Archiving: The Future […]