As we are bringing down the curtains of 2020 & heading towards a new year with new opportunities, new hope, new pledges, and new milestones to achieve, the final XfilesPro release (v 5.11) of 2020 is now Live on the AppExchange. 

It was an amazing year for XfilesPro where we positioned ourselves as the most preferred & trusted external file management & collaboration solution for Salesforce. In 2020, we extended our footprints to new industries and continents, & successfully onboarded customers of different types & sizes. 2020 also witnessed the highest number of releases as we constantly added new features & enhanced existing ones in the AppExchange solution to help Salesforce customers transform their file storage needs in Salesforce with seamless external file collaboration.

When we go down memory lane & see our journey in 2020, it is nothing less than amazing. Some of the top highlights of 2020 are SharePoint integration for Salesforce, Auto Export feature to automatically store Salesforce files in external storage systems, Multi-Org file management, Community user file management, and the list goes on. 2021 is going to be even better and we are committed to making XfilesPro the #1 file management solution for Salesforce backed with powerful in-built feature capabilities & enterprise-grade service excellence.

Coming to the final release of the year, version 5.11 comes with a couple of new features & enhancements. Let’s have a sneak peek of those;


  • XfilesPro supports Changing of Date format for New Bi-directional component: Now users can change the Date format of the files uploaded in Bi-directional component to dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format as per their preference.
  • XfilesPro supports Mass Share for both List and Bi Sync components for all the providers (except Google Drive Bi-directional Component): Now XfilesPro users can share up to 10 files at a time using our Mass Share button. This feature is available for all the external storage except Google Drive Bi-directional Component.


  • The application had a restriction in file uploading if the name of the file had over 80 characters. However, now the restriction has been removed and the new version of the application will support file uploading with a filename up to 200 characters. 

Apart from these above feature additions & enhancements, we also made enhancements in the UI, stability & security in order to make the solution future-proof.

About XfilesPro

XfilesPro is an advanced file management & collaboration solution for Salesforce using which Salesforce users (both standard & community) can integrate any external Cloud (SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive) or On-premise (Network Drive, FTP, SMB) storage systems with their Salesforce system in order to store Salesforce files externally. The integration offers benefits including storage optimization, significant cost reduction, productivity enhancement, and a complete centralized content management system. 

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