As a Salesforce user, you’re well aware of the challenges that come with managing files in a business environment. The constant influx of files on a daily basis can quickly become overwhelming. But fear not! This information serves as your trusted file management guru, providing invaluable insights and solutions to help you effortlessly navigate through this challenge and tame your file management system like a pro.

File management is critical in today’s world of digitalization. A hack, financial loss, and identity thefts are some of the ill effects of not being able to keep your files secure.

Organizing and Managing Files in Salesforce

Below are some of the most relevant tips that will help in giving you a clear-cut roadmap on the tips and tricks on following the best practices to have your files systematized.

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Formulating a Robust Naming Strategy

When in the middle of a huge volume of files, always keep in mind to come up with a good naming convention. If you have your files named appropriately as per the contents in them, then it’s a win-win. Searchability and transparency top the bar if your naming strategy is sorted.

Insider tip: XfilesPro’s file management provides you with smart folder structure options for this problem. Also if you are a SharePoint customer, then the feature of tagging is integrated into Salesforce and gives you a better picture

Effective File Storage Framework

If your files are not in place, then you are in big trouble. There will be files coming from different departments of your organization and placing them in the right folder is something of paramount importance. Hence having a good folder structure plays a big role in the picture.

Insider tip: XfilesPro provides its users with a folder structure of two types. They are custom and template. When it comes to custom folder structure, the folders can be created by having them custom formatted as per your requirements. If you opt for a template folder structure, then you get a default folder structure from XfilesPro. 

Leverage Cloud-Based Storage for Your Salesforce File Management

One of the best ways to have your file storage in Salesforce optimized is by integrating your Salesforce into external cloud storage. By doing so, you can save a lot of space in Salesforce and there will be very less room left for ambiguity.

Insider tip: XfilesPro is hands down to date the best file management application on AppExchange for Salesforce. By supporting Google Drive, SharePoint, OneDrive, & AWS S3, you can integrate your Salesforce to any of these desired cloud storages.

Clear out duplicate files

There are always a lot of files that keep coming to your Salesforce file storage. Most of the time, for the sake of collaboration, files sometimes might be duplicated to send to the respective teams. And henceforth, the number of files will keep accumulating in the Salesforce storage. Hence it is better to identify them and get them cleared.

Insider tip: With file view and access, the owner of the files can grant permission as per the work requirements through XfilesPro. Also with improved file collaboration, the files can be shared with better-sharing controls using XfilesPro.

Optimize your third-party app-generated files

Since you are working on the Salesforce CRM for your business workflow, your Salesforce will be integrated into a lot of third-party applications that generate files. One of the best ways to optimize your Salesforce storage is by having them migrated to another storage location.

Insider tip: By integrating your Salesforce to XfilesPro, your third-party application-generated files will be automatically migrated/moved to your desired cloud storage. By following this as your best practice, there is no more possibility of you hitting the peak of Salesforce file storage. 

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Streamlining and effectively managing files in Salesforce can be challenging, but working smart is always better than working hard. This blog aims to provide you with the closure you were seeking, along with a valuable bonus – an innovative application called XfilesPro that can effortlessly address all your file management needs. With XfilesPro, you can bid farewell to the cumbersome task of organizing and managing files in Salesforce, allowing you to work efficiently and smartly, and focus on what truly matters – driving success in your Salesforce implementation.

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