A new business popped out of the blue. You are very keen on taking it forward and are looking to start it on a digital platform. You ponder on all ways to start it in full zeal considering all the aspects of a business. That is when you came across Salesforce, the #1 CRM in the world.

Salesforce helps you to create your idea into a business right from the scratch. But even though the major and basic functionalities are provided, there are several other factors that you are looking forward to such as: 

  • Extended functionalities
  • Customizations
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Innovation and agility and many more 


This is when 3rd party applications come into the picture. In Salesforce most of the 3rd party integration comes either from AppExchange or you can create your own on the Force.com platform. Either way, you can have your issues sorted and get your business running.

But, the biggest question is what about the accumulating files that are being generated from the third-party applications?

Ever wondered how costly buying extra Salesforce storage can be? This is one of the biggest challenges of Salesforce.

Some of the popular 3rd party integration applications used in Salesforce are DocuSign, XfilesPro DocuPrime, PandaDoc, Conga, Litify, AV sight, Revenova, and so on. They all serve a purpose and avoiding the usage of these applications is not plausible. All these applications generate a lot of files that get accumulated in your Salesforce file storage along with the files that your Salesforce app is generating itself.

This insightful blog will help you discover how to manage your Salesforce file growth through 3rd-party AppExchange applications. One of the most common ways that work like a charm is to integrate your Salesforce into an external storage system.

There are several apps on AppExchange that will do the job of integrating your Salesforce with the external storage of your choice. But what if we say that there is an application that not only does the job but also helps in maximizing your ROI with a bunch of additional capabilities?

Introducing you to XfilesPro, the #1 file management application you can find on #AppExchange. XfilesPro helps in optimizing your storage in Salesforce by moving all the files into your integrated external storage system, automatically and in real time.

Benefits of using XfilesPro

Supports integration with the best external storage clouds

XfilesPro supports integration with the best external clouds available in the industry. They are the familiar storage clouds that are not alien to you and hence the process of moving your files there makes it even easier to use. XfilesPro supports integration with the below external cloud storages:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • AWS S3
Gives you the perfect folder structure you never asked for

Not only does XfilesPro automates the moving of your files, but it also provides a good folder structure to have your files tracked and aligned. This helps in the right organization of files and the user can opt for either template folder structure or custom folder structure as per their business requirements.

Convenient File Viewing and Accessing

Once integrated with XfilesPro, be it any files that are generated in a 3rd party application and stored in XfilesPro, they can still be viewed and accessed from the Salesforce component itself. XfilesPro always gives high regard when it comes to user experience. 

Automating your File Export to your External Storage Clouds

If you are thinking about how you are going to offload all your previous files to your external storage, XfilesPro’s initial file migration feature plays a major role to get your files automatically moved to your external storage cloud.

Your internal team collaboration is sorted

With advanced options on your file-sharing controls, duplication of files can be avoided. Alongside version control of files in Salesforce gets closure with XfilesPro and this increases the flexibility and scalability of your team.

XfilesPro has been an evident game changer and is helping several teams to unlock a new level of productivity. With the cutting-edge technology of automating your file management in Salesforce, the order to your chaos has been served. Still need a better understanding of the application and would like to delve more into the other capabilities XfilesPro can do? Then our product experts are the right ones to talk to. Schedule your meeting here and get your first demo now.