Josh was running a law firm in Seattle, USA and was dealing with a lot of clients. He was quite popular as he was a specialist in offering legal services. He was dealing with a lot of legal cases, documents, and files, which required a powerful system to manage. One fine day, he decided to go for Salesforce as his business was rapidly growing and he was getting more and more clients. Everything was perfect. His efficiency in managing clients has significantly increased. He could now save a lot of time. All thanks to his new Salesforce system. However, he started realizing that the files and email attachments that he is dealing with are taking up a lot of file storage space & he would certainly run out of file storage space in his Salesforce Org. Being a small business owner, going for additional storage space was expensive for him considering the high storage costs. 

That was some challenge. He didn’t want to move out of Salesforce as the system really helped him achieve greater success with a 2x productivity growth. This is not only Josh’s story. There are many organizations that face similar challenges related to Salesforce file storage. Well… Josh was smart enough to look for potential solutions. He looked into the AppExchange. There he discovered XfilesPro. He did his research. Checked the app. Installed & tried a free trial. He was highly impressed & convinced. He quickly got in touch with the XfilesPro support team and wanted them to help him move all his Salesforce files externally in Google Drive with seamless integration & collaboration. Boom. Within less than a day, he got the solution for all his challenges. Now Josh is back to his routine work without worrying about the storage. 

As the #1 external file storage & collaboration solution for Salesforce, XfilesPro helped 200+ Salesforce customers like Josh efficiently manage their file storage problems and save high on additional storage costs. The application is highly customizable, admin-friendly & works well with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, Salesforce Platform, etc. More than just helping them save costs, the application has a nutshell of innovative features and gamut of benefits which makes it distinctive. Let’s have a sneak peek of them.

XfilesPro Features 

External Cloud/On-premise Storage Support

  • Cloud: AWS, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox
  • On-premise: SMB Windows Share, FTP, FILE

Customized Folder Hierarchy

The remote storage folder structure can be customized based on object relations.

File Management

Files can be directly stored in the external storage & managed from the CRM.

Templatized Folder Structure

Automatic multiple folder creation during each record based on the template.

File Export/Import

Initial file migration from Salesforce to external storage can be done using ‘Export’ & can be also linked to the Salesforce system using ‘Import’.

Bidirectional Sync

Manage remote storage files directly from Salesforce.

External File Sharing

File URLs can be shared via Email with external users who are out of your Salesforce system in order to enable them to preview and download files.

Recycle Bin for Deleted Files

Any deleted files can be placed in Recycle Bin for future restore.

Handling Email Attachments

Attachments received through Emails can be automatically moved to external storage.

Drag-and-Drop & Multi-file upload

Upload one or multiple files at a time by either choosing Drag-and-Drop or selecting files.

XfilesPro Benefits

Here are some of the top XfilesPro application benefits. 

  • File Storage Cost Savings
  • Seamless File Collaboration
  • Multiple External Storage Support
  • Secure File Transfer
  • No Limit – File Size & Volume
  • Unaffected User-experience
  • Easy External File Sharing
  • Lightning & Salesforce1 Support
  • Recycle bin for Deleted Files

XfilesPro is a leader in offering external file storage & collaboration solutions for Salesforce, helping multiple industries manage their Salesforce files and attachments. Many top industries including BFSI, Government & Public sector, Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare & Life science, Hi-tech, Non-profits, Legal, etc. have successfully used XfilesPro. So, what are you waiting for? Start your free trial now. For more info please request a demo

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XfilesPro is a complete document management application built for Salesforce that offers end-to-end document management solutions including doc gen, eSignature, document storage & collaboration.