Disclaimer: This blog is for Salesforce users who are looking for a long-term solution and is expecting high productivity and streamlined workflows. If you think that is not possible and is a sham, then read it at your own risk.  Most people do not believe when we say that managing files and attachments in Salesforce […]

Detective #AwesomeAdmin is on the roll. He is looking for a very important file. But, he really is not able to reach out there. How to find the missing file from the sea of files in this unstructured & bulk file system in Salesforce?  Captain FiDo comes into the picture. Google Drive is the suggested […]

As a Salesforce user, you’re well aware of the challenges that come with managing files in a business environment. The constant influx of files on a daily basis can quickly become overwhelming. But fear not! This information serves as your trusted file management guru, providing invaluable insights and solutions to help you effortlessly navigate through […]

A new business popped out of the blue. You are very keen on taking it forward and are looking to start it on a digital platform. You ponder on all ways to start it in full zeal considering all the aspects of a business. That is when you came across Salesforce, the #1 CRM in […]

Being the #1 CRM in the world, Salesforce is the most preferred platform to run business by enterprises from multiple industries. Running a big business comes with incoming files on a daily basis. With the piling up of files, the need for optimizing file storage has become very important. Organizations have highly dependent policies on […]

Are you worried about the consequences you will face when hitting the file storage limits in Salesforce each time? Is the thought of manually moving the notes and attachments from your file storage to secondary storage scaring you? If yes, then this is the right place for you to look. In this how-to blog, we […]

Stop crying over spilled storage costs! XfilesPro is here to mop up your Salesforce storage expenses and leave you with more dough for your business growth.  Do you know that the default storage given by Salesforce is just 10GB per org? Is that really enough for you to satisfy your storage needs? Big NO!! So, […]

Suppose you are a Salesforce Admin in an organization where you are in charge of managing all the files that are being received. Suddenly you get an email asking you to find a particular candidate’s on-board email. Within seconds you receive an email telling you you are supposed to keep a specific set of files […]

Let’s break it down to the most simple concept. What is file management exactly?  It is a process of naming, storing, and organizing files so that you can quickly locate them at the time of need. It sounds so simple, right? The same thing applies to file storage in Salesforce too. But the catch in […]

We are back to the season of attending work events and the Salesforce Sydney World tour is going to be one of the most existing ones. We are even more excited because XfilesPro will be present for helping you trailblazers to rev up your Salesforce file management game this year. Virtual conversations and meetings are […]