We know that you are using Amazon S3 to store your files. If you are not, you might be pondering using the platform for some needs. We are sure you will either be in the former or the latter stage.  So, we start with a few questions for you.  Are you really aware of the […]

Last Updated: September 13, 2023 Business success largely depends on connecting with potential customers in a meaningful way & also through the platforms that they choose. Salesforce as a CRM has been allowing businesses to achieve the same & also consistently. With its world-class products, Salesforce has been pivotal in many company’s sales, marketing, and […]

If you are dealing with a lot of Salesforce files and attachments, you can understand the associated challenges. A large number of files will subsequently lead to a high file storage space consumption and additional storage expenses. As Salesforce storage costs are hefty, it becomes irritable for organizations to optimize their primary file storage space […]

As a Salesforce external file storage solution, XfilesPro helped many companies resolve unique technological challenges related to Salesforce file storage with its vibrant features and functionalities. The other day when one of the biggest Australian non-profit organizations ‘Leukaemia Foundation‘ faced stiff challenges managing their Salesforce files, they were looking for a solution which can help […]