Salesforce storage is a valuable repository of files, but limited space and lack of organization can lead to chaos. Fortunately, Salesforce’s robust file management system offers numerous features and customization options to help users easily navigate their files. However, caution is needed, as the platform’s file-sharing controls can be complex and may pose risks to […]

Of late enterprises across the globe have been trusting Salesforce with their customer management. Being the true market leader in CRM platforms, Salesforce helps them in creating an overall holistic view of each and every customer. Using it, companies ensure that their products & services gain maximum exposure and are well received by their end-users. […]

If you are dealing with a lot of Salesforce files and attachments, you can understand the associated challenges. A large number of files will subsequently lead to a high file storage space consumption and additional storage expenses. As Salesforce storage costs are hefty, it becomes irritable for organizations to optimize their primary file storage space […]