We are gearing up to bid adieu to 2022, and setting up our 2023 goals. Maximizing the Salesforce platform’s capabilities & minimizing operational costs are two of the most desired pursuits for every Salesforce customer. Efficiently managing files within Salesforce can double up the joy & make 2023 the best year for your business. Managing […]

File management is one of the most important challenges every Salesforce admin faces. Managing and retaining files are very crucial to any business be it big or small. The problems one can encounter with file management are numerous. There is no dynamic solution within Salesforce to help you free of this misery. Hence with the […]

As data & data storage management in Salesforce is more complex & takes away most of the limelight, Salesforce files & file storage management may not seem like the most glamorous topic in the Salesforce workspace. But it’s one of the most important & enterprises that must pay more attention to it. As users need […]

In due course of time, XfilesPro has carved out a solid niche for itself in the Salesforce ecosystem & emerged as the #1 application for file management. This is largely because the default file storage is limited & additional storage space is costly so most enterprises look for solutions that can help them manage their […]