Scene opens. Johnny, the CEO of an up & coming legal service provider, can be seen sitting in his cabin. He stares at his screen, then looks at the reports in his hand, & then looks back at the screen. Irritated, he picks up his intercom & dials for Jacob, calling him to his cabin. […]

We are all set to begin our most-awaited series of webinars on Salesforce file storage. The request for this webinar series was at the peak after our successful webinar series on Salesforce data storage. In our upcoming webinar, we are going to have a deep dive into Salesforce file storage challenges and best-in-class tips and […]

Last Updated: September 13, 2023 Over the last two decades, Salesforce has emerged as the #1 CRM provider in the world. Thousands of businesses from different verticals & sizes are relying on the massively popular Salesforce applications to boost their sales & service processes and also trusting its robust platform to build powerful business applications. […]

Salesforce is a great CRM tool for businesses of various sizes and it’s efficient solutions including Chatter make it a leading collaboration platform. However, there is a common question that stands often, how to manage file storage space and what are the options where we can store files inside the Salesforce? The perfect answer for […]

Last Updated: September 26, 2023 In order to keep up with the changing industry trends and evolving customer demands, businesses have to rapidly keep on upgrading & reinventing themselves. They need to offer top-notch services and deliver exceptional experiences to their customers so as to always maintain an edge over their competitors. One of the […]