We hear a lot about document automation. As document automation makes our work life a walk in the park.  It must be Salesblazers who must have heard a lot in their life about the magic of embracing a document automation tool. Because the sales team needs to play a big game with multiple sales documents […]

If financial documents are critical in a business, it’s the lifeblood of a sole financial organization. Whether yours is a small or big financial firm, it’s certain that creating financial documents is one of those activities that kills your productive hours, especially when your data resides in Salesforce.  So, it’s no longer a question of […]

An inefficient sales deck is like trying to play chess with a deck of UNO cards—chaotic, unpredictable, and definitely not a winning strategy. In this era of automation, every salesperson we know is turning toward the magic of having their documents created automatically in Salesforce. With the advantage of the Sales cloud, nowadays sales reps […]

We know document generation is a part of many industries’ daily workflow. Healthcare, real estate, corporate, financial and legal sectors are a few of them. As a corporate firm, we know first-hand how tedious and time-consuming it’s to create documents on a daily basis by ruining the productive hours of workers. That’s why we have […]

Ryan had been waiting to close that deal for a very long time. And amidst a lot of other important works, this dream lead of his was looking for a business proposal that solely addressed the challenges for his business. But creating a sales deck would mean taking data from several Salesforce objects and manually […]