Over the years, we have come across thousands of Salesforce users who were struggling with the efficient management of the files & attachments in their Salesforce system. Generating multiple different types of files; including documents, spreadsheets, images, proposals, reports, agreements, & more; they were in dire need of a solution that would get them out of the pickle. That’s where we got the idea for our solution, XfilesPro. 

XfilesPro: A Brief Introduction

To define XfilesPro, it is an advanced file management & external storage collaboration solution for Salesforce that is designed keeping in mind the current as well as the future Salesforce roadmap. The application helps users migrate their Salesforce files/attachments to any external cloud or on-premise storage of their preference. Salesforce files can be seamlessly stored in popular cloud platforms like SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive & SharePoint.

Using XfilesPro, users can optimally manage a large volume of files in Salesforce, cut back on their file storage costs & enhance file visibility & accessibility, without compromising on their user experience. What’s more is that the app also helps in adhering to various regulatory compliance policies & offers a more seamless file management experience. It is because of these reasons that XfilesPro has steadily emerged as the most preferred solution among top-notch enterprises for resolving the challenges associated with Salesforce file management. 

What’s New with the Application

The file management application comes loaded with several awesome features like 360-degree file collaboration, community file management, seamless file/folder syncing, & centralized file management. Because of this, the application delivers more than just the regular external file storage services. But we have always upheld the reputation of being one of the most innovative solutions on the AppExchange, that is constantly rolling out new in-app capabilities.  

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Therefore, to keep up with our commitment of making life easier for Salesforce admins while maintaining the efficiency of the solution & making it even more user-friendly, we keep on enhancing the already existing features as well as add new features in each of the new releases. In this respect, let’s have a look at the latest feature that was added in the application’s last release.

Large Volume File Migration (File Archiving)

In the simplest of terms, XfilesPro’s large volume file migration or Salesforce file archiving utility refers to the app’s capability to identify Salesforce files & attachments that are no longer in active use (but still need to be retained due to various internal & compliance reasons) and move them out of the primary Salesforce file storage into a secure long-term cloud or on-premise storage system.

Note: Archived files are not copies of the original files, rather the rarely-used files themselves that need to be retained for long periods of time.

Using a special trigger-based utility, XfilesPro lets users auto-schedule the file archiving procedure to happen automatically. This means that with very little manual, repetitive intervention, the application facilitates seamless archival of legacy Salesforce files from the primary file storage to one’s preferred cloud (SharePoint, AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox) storage. What’s best is that this file archival process has virtually no impact on the ongoing business processes.

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Benefits of File Archiving with XfilesPro

Using XfilesPro to seamlessly archive Salesforce files has three main benefits: the cost savings, the file storage space optimization & improved compliance. Since archived files are stored in external storages that are cheaper than Salesforce file storage & require less maintenance costs, file archiving turns out to be an extremely cost-effective process. Also as soon as the legacy files are moved out of the primary file storage, more storage space is created for newer files; thereby optimizing the existing file storage & again saving money. 

XfilesPro Testimonial

Lastly, Salesforce file archiving also aids in adhering to various internal retention policies & industry-wide compliance guidelines (HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, etc) as files can be stored in external storages for appropriate periods of time & can be retrieved at any point of time, if a need for them arises. XfilesPro’s file archiving utility also creates a future-proof Salesforce file management strategy where user experience takes center-stage instead of the storage system.

If you still have some queries or questions about the Salesforce file archiving capability of XfilesPro, then please get in touch with us so our experts can resolve them for you. You can also schedule a free demo to see how file archiving works in real time.

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XfilesPro is a complete document management application built for Salesforce that offers end-to-end document management solutions including doc gen, eSignature, document storage & collaboration.