Do you know that the default file storage space given by Salesforce is just 10GB per org? Is that really enough for you to satisfy your storage needs? 

A big NO!

So, the next predicted step is obviously burning your money on purchasing additional storage space from the biggest CRM platform providers. 

But let us stop you right there.

Are you aware of the expenses associated with purchasing additional storage capacity from Salesforce? If you aren’t, we can give you a hint that it will be unaffordable for you. 

Now, what’s the solution? Do you think that the deletion of some files would help to free up the storage?  A big ‘No’ once again as your compliance will throw a spanner on this action.  So, what’s next? 

Our answer is XfilesPro!

The #1 file management app for Salesforce will help you better manage your file storage space as your file volume continues to expand. 

Let’s see how XfilesPro does this wonder for you. 

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Move Your Salesforce Files Externally 

XfilesPro is the most recommended application that can establish a seamless integration with your Salesforce to an external file storage platform of your choice in order to migrate files. It connects both platforms without the need for an integration tool and moves the files automatically from the file storage space of Salesforce to your preferred platform including AWS S3, SharePoint, OneDrive, Google Drive, and or on-premises system (FTP, Network Drive, or SMB). Through this, you can efficiently optimize your storage space, and rest assured that you will never hit the storage cap. 

The movement of Salesforce files externally

Migrate Your Pre-existing Massive Volume of Files at Once 

With the usage of Salesforce for a long time, you will garner a massive volume of files within the storage space. It’s so obvious. But moving such a large number of files from Salesforce to your external storage platform is not a cakewalk. You need the support of an advanced solution to get this job done. XfilesPro is one such solution that automatically migrates your already existing files in Salesforce to the external environment in one shot by maintaining its hierarchy. This is a calling card of XfilesPro that makes the migration possible with the help of Initial Offloading capability. So, it’s no longer a that the migration of existing files would be a challenge — it’s NOT!

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Move Community User Files to the External Storage

The number of files that are generated through your Salesforce Community Users is enormous. These files contribute to hitting the storage limit in no time. Understanding this concern, XfilesPro helps you to push the files uploaded by Community Users to your external storage platform automatically and instantaneously. That means you don’t have to worry about hitting the storage limit in the future just because of the  great number of files from your Community Users. 

Manage Files from 3rd party Apps 

To achieve a streamlined workflow within Salesforce, you seek support from 3rd party apps. Among those bunch of applications, there will be some apps that will generate a large volume of files and documents. The most trustworthy auto document generation app XfilesPro DocuPrime is an example of an app that creates a lot of documents within your Salesforce. 

Undoubtedly, as the files grow in numbers, your storage space will likely be overburdened. To tackle this challenge, XfilesPro migrates the files that get generated through any 3rd-party app to your external storage location by leveraging its Export Utility Trigger so that you can stay tension-free. 

Charge Zero Maintenance Cost

By now, you have learned enough about the capabilities that XfilesPro provides to better manage your Salesforce file storage space. Now imagine, how wonderful would it be to have all these functionalities without any maintenance. The great relief is no longer an imagination but a reality with the #1 document management app for Salesforce. Unlike other solution providers today, upkeep here is zero for all the potential benefits that XfilesPro offers.

The zero cost needed for Salesforce file management

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